Recent Lab News

Dr. Birge and Dr. Kokenko received a new 5-year R01 from the National Cancer Institute (NIH R01 CA260137-01A1) “Targeting a phosphatidylserine/TAM receptor/PD-L1 axis as a vulnerability in cancer”.
The goals in this study will investigate how solid tumors, including breast cancer, interact with immune cells to create a tumor-permissive microenvironment that impairs anti-tumor immunity and promotes immune escape and cancer progression. We are exploring both the basic biology underlying cancer immune escape as well as investigating new therapeutics to help improve anti-cancer immunity.

Dr. Birge was honored with the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR) Dr. Jonathan Yavelow Mentoring Award
It is a wonderful honor to be presented with the Dr. Jonathyan Yavelow Mentoring Award from the NJCCR. Dr. Yavelow was an advocate for tireless science, young scientists, and STEM curriculum, and was a role model for mentoring the next generation of scientists.
Dr. Birge lectured at the International Cell Death Society in Instanbul Turkey in July 2022 and received the annual ICDS merit award for work on efferocytosis and insight into how clearance of apoptotic cells induces immune escape in cancer. (see ICDS slide)
Congratulations of Dr. David Calianese for his recent grant award from the Advanced Postdoc Program in Immunology at Osaka University “Investigation of phosphorylated Xk-related protein (Xkr) 8 in T cell receptor-mediated phosphatidylserine externalization”. David is off to Japan perform postdoctoral research in the laboratory Professor Shigekazu Nagata at Osaka University.
Nice to be back at live meetings: Varsha Gadiyar, Ziren Wang, and David Calianese attend AACR meeting New Orleans for scientific advancement and casual fermentation of ideas. (not shown Bourbon Street). (see AACR slide)
The 38th Sapporo International Cancer Symposium was help in Sapporo Japan in July of 2019 and great to see many of the Hanafusa Alumni.
ICDS Held its first satellite meeting in Lucknow India (International Conference on Cell Death in Cancer and Toxicology) in association with the CSIR-Indian Institute for Toxicologial Research in 2018. Thank you Dhyan Chandra for organizing the meeting and cultural activities.(see ICDS slide)
Roof-Deck Outing in New York City in 2017

Roof-Deck Outing in New York City in 2022